May 022013

On 16 April I had the pleasure of speaking about travel blogging in London, at an event organised by the British Guild of Travel Writers. Debbie Hindle, Jane Gorman and Laurence Mitchell were the other speakers. If you’d like to take a look at my blog click onto

Here’s what I was quoted as saying in media following the event:

I have wanted to get into blogging for a couple of years and have been writing guest posts for other sites. I’m glad that I’ve finally set aside the time to design, create and start writing for my own site,

Blogging provides an opportunity for me to get my voice heard and work seen; I’ve now got lots more to learn about how to use social media more effectively to draw people to my site and I’m looking forward to that challenge.

It was very interesting to attend the blogging evening as blogs are personal and everyone has to find a style and approach that reflects themselves. Ilearnt a lot listening to Jane, Debbie and Laurence and hope I can take some of the suggestions for good practices that were mentioned and put them into effect on