Jan 182015
Female staff in Dirndl dresses outside the Hotel Gotthard in Lech, Austria.

Early in December I headed to Lech in the Arlberg region of Austria for the beginning of the 2014-15 ski season.

I wrote about the region as a whole, entitled A Winter Break at Lech-Zuers in Austria’s Vorarlberg Region.

On Go-Eat-Do I wrote a review of the Hotel Gotthard and also published an interview with the hotel’s chef, Bruno Reichart.

I also reviewed the Hotel Gotthard for Our Man On The Ground.

More will follow in due course.

Jan 142015
Opatija in Croatia.

Here’s a feature that I’ve written about the attractive seaside resort of Opatija in Croatia.

Opatija – widely known as Abbazia and Sankt Jakobi in bygone days – was the first official Austro-Hungarian ‘climatic health resort’ on the Adriatic. Wellness treatments still draw a significant number of visitors to the town overlooking Kvarner Bay.

I visited in June while I was in Croatia for the Zagreb Tourfilm Festival.

Find out more about the resort on Opatija’s tourist board’s website.

My feature is entitled Opatija: Croatia’s Venerable Seaside Resort.

Jan 052015
A pig figure outside of the Schweine Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

During my trip to Stuttgart in Germany I visited the Schweine Museum (Pig Museum), a wonderfully quirky, fun to visit attraction that opened in May 2010 and have written about it for go-eat-do.com.

The Schweine Museum is informative in places and witty in others. It’s the largest pig-related museum in the world.

Here’s a link to my feature: The Schweine Museum (Pig Museum) in Stuttgart, Germany. I sincerely hope that you enjoy the feature and, naturally, that you don’t leave the site thinking I’ve made a pig’s ear of the write-up.  (As you’ll learn in the museum, there are a lot of phrases in languages around the world that feature pigs.)

Jan 032015
A traditional wooden fishing boat on the Mekong River at sunset in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

If you are planning a trip on the Mekong Delta, check out the Jan-Feb 2015 edition of National Geographic Traveller, in which you can see my 12-page destination feature.

My story focuses on my experiences on the Mekong Delta, in Cambodia and Vietnam.

I travelled down the waterway on a Viking River Cruise. The tours I took while on the river cruise were informative and the food and company on board were very good. The information provided by Viking ahead of the trip was first class and they were very helpful when it came to acquiring the visas necessary for travel to the region.

The Mekong has received quite a bit of coverage recently. Sue Perkins travelled 3,000 miles along the river for the BBC documentary The Mekong River.

If you’re heading to the region and will be visiting Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, then you might find it worthwhile to watch Angkor Revealed: The Hidden Megacity, an insightful two-part Smithsonian Channel documentary about how the city looked around six centuries ago. LIDAR technology, which can create detailed maps, was used to plot Angkor’s streets, waterways and houses. It helped me appreciate how the civilisation looked during its heyday.

It’s a beautiful and fascinating part of the world and I found a river cruise was a good way of gaining an appreciation of life on and along the river.


Jan 022015

It was a pleasure to speak with Amanda Marcotte, the host of the radio station CBC Saskatchewan, for yesterday’s Blue Sky programme.

Amanda interviewed me about one of my highlights of 2014, heading to Saskatchewan, Canada and undertaking a host of outdoor activities.

These included horse riding and roping cattle at the La Reata Ranch near Kyle, fishing on Otter Lake near Missinipe and taking a look at Prince Albert National Park.

I hope anyone trying those activities enjoys them as much as I did.